lunes, 18 de enero de 2010

Spy games

a very fun proyect,
animation shorts made for Hookup animation.
I was in charge of modelling, shading and rigging for the 20 episodes of the second season.
for more espisodes look

Show de cuello

an freelance animation made for Hook up. Animation director:Pablo Lorenzo Animator: Mauro Lopez

science proyect

a personal proyect in progress.

more models

a freelance modelling for Remo studio, Im not sure who desinged it, I think was Kechu

beast model

a model made just for fun
work in progress, modelled in maya. I´ll take it to z brush for more details once I finish it
design Mauro Lopez

dino walk

animation made for Illusion Studios

dog run

an animation for rigging test
modeling: Federico Pippo
rigging and animation: Mauro Lopez